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For years the bicycle industry has set forth a trend for new bottom brackets and standards to try and help improve strength, weight and ease of servicing for different bike styles. however in the process created a doctorete of knowledge needed to replace, service and upgrade existing systems. The head ache for all mechanics and sales people a-like has lead to industry presure to find a “one style fits all” bottom bracket standard.

After years in cusultation with major manufactures and industry profesionals, estabilshing that the real reason for these other forms of bottom bracket, was to create jobs for industrail designers that have to much time up thier sleaves. Finaly they have all agreed that a common bottom bracket could be developed and would work for all models of bicycles for the future.

Welcome back Square taper! Our humble hero of bottom bracket, that will become our much beloved bottom bracket for road, MTB and Gravel bikes.

We can not wait to see a bicycle shop freindly bottom bracket system.

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At some point in time during your cycling experiance a flat tyre will plague your ride. Follow these handy tips to ensure your know what to do when that time comes.

You will need!

New tube – makeing sure you have the correct size tube for your wheel/ tyre

Pump – hand pump, compressor or floor pump

Tyre levers – Not always required however may make life easier

Watch the video attached for a detailed wal through

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